December 22, 2022

My Go-To Reset Button

With my sister coming home, the family preparing for the holidays, my wanting to keep my daily commitments, and the past few days being workdays, I've had little sleep. And it took a toll.

Yesterday, I was barely able to focus on work. It felt like my brain had this heavy, dark cloud and I couldn't think clearly. I felt my body asking for rest.

So I did. Last night. Full 8 hours of sleep. And it was wonderful.

I felt refreshed when I woke up this morning. My body feels lighter today, and my brain clear of the fog. It was an instant reset.

I had the energy to do my exercise routine—back at it after 2 weeks! I had to pause my usual routine and switch to light exercise when I got my impacted wisdom tooth extracted.

Add to all that, today is my 60th day of daily writing. I'm feeling amazing as I write this—feels good to acknowledge small wins.

Look at that. Probably my complete sleep giving me all the good vibes.

It's my go-to reset button when I'm physically exhausted. Works every time.