April 2, 2023

Necessity of Adversity

Hardship is normal. Challenges are a part of life. They should be, as much as comfort, convenience, and happiness. Aside from accepting them as normal, we should also consider them necessary.

Adversity strengthens us. It's how we build toughness. And that's how we can remain competitive in a highly competitive world. That's how we earn our keep. That's how we can remain safe and comfortable.

Without experiencing adversity, we become soft. We lose the muscle. We adapt to comfort and convenience. And when challenges do come, we crumble.

Adversity also gives us the chance to meet ourselves more intimately. To see where we're strong and where we lack, and then choose to grow. To understand our deepest desires and our non-negotiables. The values that guide us and the things most important to us. It shines light on who we are at the core, and challenges us to become a person we can be proud of.

As much as it brings pain, adversity also brings gifts. It's up to us to accept those gifts, to welcome them. It's an active choice.

To choose toughness and growth, or to be left only with pain?