November 16, 2022

Of Hope and Surrender

Welcome tomorrow with hope and surrender. Hope that what may come brings us closer to a life of happiness and fulfillment. That the seeds we've sown will sprout new growth. That all we've worked for will bear fruit.

But also of surrender, of knowing that what comes to us is beyond our control. That we've done what we can, and we welcome what results they bring.

If we look to tomorrow with hope and nothing else, we will feel defeated if what we hope for never comes. And stemming from that all-consuming hope, we welcome worries and fears. The anxiety that comes with wanting.

If we look to tomorrow with surrender and nothing else, then we keep ourselves caged. We lose the drive for accomplishment. We lose interest in living with intent. We simply drift.

We must live with intent, but also with the acceptance that we don't hold the power to the world. That we each have only a small circle of things we can shape. That our lives are a product of what we do and what is given us.

Do, and hope. But welcome whatever tomorrow brings.