August 18, 2023

Off Days

Some days just aren't our days.

Some days, writing is easy for me. Good ideas pop up and words come smoothly. Other days, I stare at a blank page for too long. Or I do write—disjointed sentences and paragraphs, with no music and no single idea that ties everything up beautifully.

Today, I struggle stringing words together. But it's also my 300th day of writing Daily Musings.

I have been writing everyday for 300 days, good days and bad. And I'd like to celebrate those bad days. To celebrate myself for doing what I set out to do, even when that meant writing only three sentences because I had no more creativity left at the end of a long workday. Even when that meant coming home at one in the morning and opening my laptop to write before I prepare for bed. Even when that meant excusing myself from a family after-dinner-tea for 20 minutes so that I can publish my entry. Even when that meant writing on my phone while waiting outside the mall or while at an event, just before the partying and drinking start.

We should celebrate our work—the best ones born from motivation and inspiration and the ones we struggled most on.