July 21, 2023

On Accountability Groups

I've only recently realized how wonderful it is to have support from a group who are on the same path as you are.

I'm currently building my website (well, rebuilding it) with two people who are also building theirs—my husband, Gabriel, and a dear friend, Kishly. We hold each other accountable everyday, share our progress, and right now, explore the Ghost platform together.

It feels so good to not be alone in figuring it out (I'm sure I'd be lost).

  • My husband had past experience with web development, so he's helping us with the code.
  • Kishly is migrating her email list and previous articles from two different platforms. She also injected some code to achieve the design she wants. Instead of spending hours learning those myself, I can just ask her.

It's inspiring and encouraging to see their progress. My husband's website is ready to go—and that makes me want to finish mine ASAP. It reminds to focus on only what's important, to let go of the fancy features (for now), and to ship.

Now I understand the value of community and why it does work. Not only does it make the journey more enjoyable, but it also pushes you to do well, to finish what you've set out to do.