December 1, 2022

On Horoscopes and Personalities

I wouldn't call myself a believer of horoscopes, but I enjoy reading about the signs and their personality traits. I don't read them as much as I did back in college, but it always amazed me how accurate the Aquarius personality traits are to how I see myself.

It also got me thinking:

Are these traits really my natural tendencies or am I subconsciously molding my personality based on what I read? Based on how Aquarians are supposed to behave?

I very much relate to the Aquarius profiles, and I love what they say—independent, original, deep thinkers, loves their freedom. Could that be influencing me, because I like it very much? Because I want it so much to be who I am?


We control our identity. If we believe we are a certain way, that's how we're going to act. Our decision and actions will align with who we think we are. How we believe ourselves to be.

And maybe that's also why I can't bring myself to completely believe in astrology. Because that means who I am and how I am cannot be changed. That I don't have the agency to decide my identity.

As I write this, I'm thinking: that sounds like an Aquarius thing to say.