June 24, 2023

On Slow Days

My husband and I woke up at four this morning, left home after an hour and a half, had a breakfast stopover, and arrived in Pasig at eight.

It was an earlier-than-usual morning, but it was slow, calm, and pleasurable. We had a good conversation over breakfast and sang along with Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Incubus, Cranberries, HAIM, Snow Patrol, and Eagles through most of the car ride.

Workdays are mostly for hustling. Fast-paced, focused, scheduled.

Days like today are for slow mornings, long conversations, and spontaneity. They're for thinking aimlessly, for sitting at a cafe and people-watching, for letting the wind dictate where you go. They're for exploring curiosities, drawing, painting, reading, writing, and singing.

On days like this: pause. Take it slow. Let the present moment embrace you, in warmth and wonder.