February 19, 2023

Our Larger Job

I started watching The Chosen, a TV series about the life of Jesus. And in the third episode, of the many lines that stood out, this is my favorite:

He said, “Everyone has a much larger job than just your trade.”

We all have a responsibility much greater than what we do. We have a bigger purpose than simply being a writer, or a strategist, or a purchaser, or a teacher.

We could be the light for other people. The one to give them clarity when everything is hazy and gray. The hand that guides them in ambiguity and gives them comfort when fear overwhelms their heart. The boat that keeps them afloat in times of terrible storms.

We can choose to do all those wherever we are, in whatever we do.

To be that strong, compassionate leader at work. To be the light and warmth at home. To be one of the volunteers on weekends, whether in hospitals or out on the beach picking up trash. To be that anonymous donor from the other side of the world. To be the writer who shares lessons, making an impact in many lives, through the power of words and the internet.

To be the children who honor their parents. To be parents who mold their children holistically—mind, body, and spirit.

And, in all we do, to spread God's love through our actions and our words. In our relationships with other people.

We have a much larger job than our trade. What's yours?