February 15, 2023

Patience in Progress

Today, I was able to do a full split, hold the position, and fold too! It was straight and deep, and it felt like I was doing it correctly. It wasn't so painful and forced (like how I used to do it). It felt doable. It felt good.

That took a long time though—I've been practicing yoga for two and half years now. And some of the other poses are still much too hard for my weak arms (flexibility is easier for me than strength).

My point is: progress is slow. We must be patient about it.

My forward fold still isn't as deep as I'd like, I can't hold chaturanga longer than a second, I can't do a full push-up. There's still so much to improve on, and I've been practicing for years.

Progress is a lot of work and a lot of hours. But 100% of the time, consistency will get you there. This is where we must trust the process.