March 27, 2023

Preparation for a Full Week

How do you prepare your mind and body for a full week?

My husband and I were running this morning when we talked about our commitments this week. It's going to be packed—right through the evenings, spilling over the weekend.

And we agreed: the more we need to exercise.

Whenever we get busier, we think:

  • We need energy to get through it, and exercise can give us that boost every morning.
  • We need to be more conscious about taking care of our health—a lot of times, the busier people get, the further down health is pushed in their priority list. There's no time for sleep, no time to cook healthy meals, no time to exercise. Immune system goes down, health suffers. And so we want to protect those three things, to avoid sickness crippling us for days. We want our immune system strong.
  • When we go through strength training and long, exhausting runs in the morning, that hard work puts is in the the right mindset. We fight through the difficulty (of getting up early, showing up, and finishing the workout) and we accomplish something first thing in the morning. That gets the mind thinking: I got up early today and finished an hour of strength training. It's going to be a day of wins. I got this.

Exercise everyday, no matter how busy you get. Especially when you're busiest.