December 11, 2022growth

Are You Pushing Yourself Enough?

I believe in the importance of self-care. Not the superficial, expensive kind, with scented candles and 32-step skincare routines.

Real self-care comes from a holistic perspective. It should include having a healthy, balanced diet, doing regular exercise, making sure we get enough sleep, setting boundaries.

Alongside self-care, we should also regularly push ourselves. We should keep pushing our limits, improving our physical and cognitive abilities, gaining more emotional maturity, building resilience, adaptability, grit, and other attributes.

That's how we grow.

And to do that, we must actively looking for challenges. New experiences that make us feel both nervous and excited. New skills to learn. New responsibilities.

The self-care trend today sometimes lacks this perspective. Again, we should look for balance. Because if all we do is pamper ourselves and make life comfortable for us, then we're preventing our own growth.

First, conquer challenges. Then, rest as needed.