June 15, 2023

Rules Are Freeing

You'd think rules are stifling. But they can be freeing.

Rules, systems, routines—they add structure to how we do things. They're there to help us accomplish what we want to do, effectively and efficiently.

A pre-work routine helps us get into flow quickly, focus, and tick off tasks. An exercise routine makes it easier to build a daily habit. An evening routine tells the brain it's time for bed and helps us fall asleep faster.

These routines are rules that we've given ourselves, which we follow willingly.

They remove the little decisions we have to make everyday that take up willpower. Having a definite plan of action gives us the freedom to dive right in and focus on the doing.

And because we become more effective and efficient, we have more time and freedom to pursue the other things we love.

Done right, structure is freeing.