January 24, 2023

Schedule Spillover

Yesterday, I was reminded of how important it is to be selective of what I say yes to. I spent almost an hour waiting for a virtual event to start. Good thing I was able to keep the Zoom meeting open with my camera and microphone off, while I worked on other things on my laptop.

But an hour of waiting was still too much, so I had to leave. And I did.

I couldn't bear waiting for much longer. It's a completely avoidable waste of time. I said yes to a 6:30 event. Not 7:29.

If I stayed, it likely would have ended way past the time I've allotted for it. And that just won't do. I had tasks to finish, things to tidy up at home, messages to respond to, an evening routine to do before bed.

The event would have spilled over my other plans. Either I don't accomplish some of those, or I sacrifice sleep. And both of them were more important to me than what I would've gained in the event.

When meetings and events get delayed, be mindful of the spillover. What are you saying no to?