December 3, 2022

Setting Emotional Boundaries

Do you sometimes feel like you're being pressured into doing things?

Do you sometimes disregard your convenience for the sake of other's comfort?

Do you find yourself absorbing hurtful words, playing them over and over in your head, believing them to be true?

Other people's thoughts and emotions are their own. These are things we don't have control over, and therefore, things that we should not let consume us.

What we can do is be mindful of how we react. How we handle the situation.

If you feel pressured to adjust your plans to accommodate others, pause. While that might be good and proper in some instances, it could also be a source of stress and abuse. You can choose to state your non-negotiables and preferences, and work together to find a win-win option.

When other people throw harsh words at you, don't absorb them. Don't let them inside your head. And don't let them cloud your heart.

You control your identity. Don't let others define that for you. Because if you do absorb what they say and believe them, then you're letting them define who you are. Don't give them that power.

By setting emotional boundaries, you protect your mental space, your internal peace, and your freedom.