December 2, 2022

Start the Week with a Restful Sunday

One way to avoid burnout: reserve your Sundays for rest and recharging.

My husband and I protect our Sundays. Get-togethers, grocery trips, errands—scheduled mostly on Saturdays, sometimes on weekdays, rarely on Sundays (only when absolutely necessary).

How does our Sunday look? It takes two forms: either we're home all day or we're out in nature.

1. Home all day

This is usually the day we sit down and enjoy a big breakfast—slowly, leisurely, deep in good conversation. Sometimes we watch a movie and finish it in one sitting (we usually don't on weekdays). If there's a good UFC fight, that's part of the day too. And in the afternoon: a long nap, no alarms.

It's the only day in the week without a schedule.

2. Out in nature

Twice a month, we go to the farm, out in the mountains. We practice bushcraft (still learning how to start a fire), climb trees, cook food on wood fire, eat on banana leaves, and do some planting.

It serves as exercise, but it's also refreshing. We might feel tired when we get home, but we'll get a good sleep anyway and that's enough for the body to recover. It's a complete recharge: for the mind, for the heart, for the body.

We wake up on Mondays pumped and ready to take on the week.

A productive week doesn't start with a strong Monday. It starts with a restful Sunday.