March 31, 2023

Success Comes with Failure

The successes you see are a small percentage of the whole sample. They've come about alongside many failures. For a lot of them, they happened after the failures. After mistakes. After bad business ideas and wrong decisions.

You should remember that every time you see success. Because while success is paraded, the failures that came before weren't. It paints an inaccurate picture—as if success is easy. As if it comes early in the journey. As if it's simple.

It's hard work. Consistency. Grit. It's pushing forward despite the mistakes.

The amazing idea will come, but probably after so many bad ones. Success will come, but probably after doubts and many failed attempts.

When you encounter setbacks, when you make the wrong decisions, think of them as stepping stones. They're part of the training.

Success simply doesn't come without failure.