January 7, 2023

Sudden Endings

Today, we received bad news: the death of my aunt's brother-in-law. It was unexpected and much too quick—the suspected cause is aneurysm.

And it reminded me of 4 things to practice everyday:

  • To be mindful and take care of our health. How much sleep we get, how regularly we exercise, what we eat and drink, and what stresses we let into our lives. We must actively take care of our health—physical and mental.
  • To be careful. Accidents happen. And they can take away lives in an instant. We must always be careful and avoid unnecessary risks. Like swimming too far out in the sea when the waves are strong or overtaking cars when driving on a curve.
  • To be kind. To make sure that our relationships are healthy. That we don't regret the last words we throw at those who we'll never get a chance to talk to again. That when the end comes, may let go of them with peace in our hearts.
  • To be present. To make today count. To dedicate time for family and friends. To sit down, eat, and give them our 100% focus.