June 7, 2023

The 2 Habits of Highly Creative People

Last week, I shared the 5-Step Process of Idea Generation. This time, I'm sharing the two habits you can start doing right now to become more creative, and never worry* about coming up with great ideas.

*Never worrying being: knowing you will get those great ideas, despite the occasional unfruitful moments.

So, the two habits: consume and create.


Read quality books everyday. Watch movies and TV series of different genres. Listen to podcasts—about finance, personal development, history, health, even minimalism and lore.

The goal is to widen your knowledge. To learn new insights and patterns everyday. To create new pathways in your brain that will later light up when it's time to create.


Write everyday. Writing forces you to think clearly. To elaborate on your insights and truly understand what you're talking about.

By clearing the brain fog, you allow space for new ideas. You can look back at the experiences and lessons you've collected and see patterns more distinctly. You can have space for creativity.

It's going to feel difficult at first, but it's muscle you can train. And it has to be trained everyday.