November 6, 2022

The More We Know, The More We Don't Know

When we learn something new, we unearth even more questions. We find out that there is so much in the world we don't know.

We might add a thing or two on our knowledge bank, but we add even more to the list of things to study, to research, to understand.

It's like an iceberg. At first, we see only the tip. We know about the subject. We hear about it from others. But as we try to uncover the whole thing, to understand everything about it, we find out how big and complex it actually is. It goes deep. And wide.

It's humbling. The more of this we experience, the more we become comfortable with not knowing everything. That's simply impossible.

I think that's when a person can be both confident and humble. Confident about his expertise but on other things, humble enough to say, "I don't know."