March 11, 2023

The Often Forgotten Piece in Fitness

When we talk about fitness, it’s almost always about physical fitness. How strong we are, how heavy we can lift, how fast we can run, how long we can keep running.

Mental fitness rarely comes to mind.

As much as we should exercise for physical strength and endurance, so should we train ourselves mentally. 

By being mentally fit, we are aware and in control of our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. We can respond to life’s changing circumstances with careful thought, calculated decisions, and intentional actions.

Many of life’s obstacles challenge our mental capability, resilience, and tenacity. Much of the battle happens internally—in the mind.

By taking a holistic approach to fitness, we can remain standing, strong and undeterred, and keep a clear, sharp mind. We can keep our ship afloat, heading in the right direction, however huge the storm.