December 27, 2022

Time for Family

My sister and I have been thinking of places to go to for a quick vacation. To relax and be nearer to nature.

And then we realized that our younger cousin is also on school break. This kid loves playing board games and card games with us but we don't always have the time to sit down and play. And having been stuck at home during the pandemic, he doesn't have many playmates.

We couldn't bear the thought of leaving him at home with nothing to do.

So, we scrapped our plan.

We want to spend time with family, and that includes this sweet kid. We'd rather stay at home and play board games.

It's also a nice reminder:

In taking care of relationships, it doesn't matter where you are. It doesn't much matter what you do. But time together matters greatly.

And that's how I'd like to spend my holidays.