December 25, 2022

To Be the One Giving

Kids get the most gifts during the holidays.

When I was a kid, I loved receiving cash from the adults. I'd count it many times throughout the day, and one last time before I prepare for bed at night. I also get excited about the wrapped presents, of course. I try to guess what they are, shaking them and hearing some of the contents rattle. I'd open them at midnight, Christmas day.

Now that I'm a married, working adult, it's my turn to give presents.

It's just as enjoyable, but it's much more gratifying.

My younger cousins loved opening presents. You could see the joy and excitement in their eyes and huge smiles. My 10-year old cousin kept thanking us for the gifts and said, "I got everything I wanted."

It feels good to receive gifts. But it feels infinitely better to be the one giving them.

It feels good to bring joy to other people. To be the reason for their smile.

It feels good also because it comes from a place of knowing that you can give.