January 21, 2023

Too Busy for Drama

If you have a purpose, if you know your goals and your priorities, you'd be too busy doing all these projects to be affected by drama. To be looking for drama. To be reeled into drama.

You'd say no. You'd say, "I don't have time for this."

Because drama consumes a lot of time—in arguments, and then replaying those arguments in your head, and then overthinking the consequences, and then stressing over the littlest things.

Get yourself too busy for drama. Start projects that light you up. Do things for the community or start a side hustle that you look forward to working on everyday.

Become too busy working toward your goals, crafting the life you want, and enjoying happy moments with family and friends, that you can't spare a minute on meaningless, draining, time-consuming drama.

Because there's so much to do. So much you can do.

Instead of arguments and manipulative conversations, talk about ideas. Talk about dreams and discuss plans. Talk about what you want to leave in the world. Your legacy, your passions, your purpose.

Live with purpose. With intent. So that you don't get sucked into meaningless, destructive negativity.