April 27, 2023

Toughness in the NBA

I've been watching the NBA playoffs—with my husband's influence, of course. And I'm enjoying it. Now I can understand why people get so emotionally invested.

One of the things that I loved seeing is the players' toughness.

De'Aaron Fox of Sacramento Kings had an injury after Game 4, and there was speculation about his being unable to play in Game 5. But he said, "At this point in the season, everybody has something. Obviously a bone might not be chipped but something is hurting on everybody. So you go out there and still play the game."

Whatever's hurting, you put a splint on it and show up in the next game.

That's the kind of toughness I want to build. And it comes from also understanding that, as Fox said, everybody has something. My struggles aren't special. Mistakes, accidents, injuries happen. But you keep going. You keep showing up.

C'est la vie.