November 22, 2022

Two Things That Help Me Through Storms

Unexpected events hit us the hardest.

As much as we try to prepare for the hard times, they don't always come as we expect them to. There are too many possible events in the future and we never know which ones become reality.

And so the unexpected always comes.

When that happens, we can sometimes feel out of control. Like we're facing a storm out of nowhere, with strong winds pushing and pulling our ship, and throwing us in every direction. It's scary. And panic might crowd our minds.

Don't let it.

Accept the storm as reality, but don't let it drown you.

When this happens to me, there's are two things that always help: knowing that there must be something I can do and coming up with a plan.

It starts with the mindset. That I can do something. When I truly believe that, my hearts fills with strength. My mind becomes focused.

I think about what my goal is and take inventory of what I can do. I create an action plan. So, not only can I keep myself afloat during the storm, I can navigate through it. A plan gives me the direction I need to turn the uncontrollable storm into winds that push my ship to shore.

It starts with mindset. With belief that I am capable. I can. Then the plan follows. Then the action.