May 7, 2023

Week Prep Routine

Mondays are usually full. We check emails and other messages we received over the weekend, send our replies, organize the week, and attend meetings. It's rarely the day for doing deep work.

So, instead of packing everything on Monday, I like starting the week every Sunday afternoon instead.

I don't work on tasks and projects. I simply prepare for the week. I reorganize my calendar according to the tasks I have in my to-do list, schedule errands, set up reminders, and add notes and links wherever I might need them throughout the week.

It helps me get into work mode on Monday mornings, easily dispel of the post-weekend brain fog, and work on tasks right away. And it reduces uncertainty—I know what to expect for the week.

This way, I also don't forget about personal errands, appointments, and events. Everything's laid out in my calendar.