July 15, 2023

When Limitations are Freeing

I was choosing between two good platforms for the website I'm building. They live on opposite extremes: one has many of the features you need (and want) and gives you so much flexibility, while the other is simpler and minimalist, and has limited capabilities.

I usually pick the flexible option, the one that gives me control, so that I can build what I want how I want it.

But it looks like this time, I'm choosing simple. Because this option forces me to focus on what's important—writing—and to make that one thing easier and faster to do, without all the other things that won't matter much (at least for now). I don't need to think about two-column webpages or fancy designs. I don't need to create email sequences or another automations.

Limitations are sometimes freeing. When you're given constraints, you're forced to focus, to prioritize, to let go off excess. Instead of thinking of all the possible things you can do, you narrow down on what's essential. You're not tempted by shiny features, you're not distracted, and you don't end up spending so many hours exploring and studying and setting up all these cool things that you just don't need at the moment.

I want to focus on delivering good writing, and that's what a minimalist platform can help me do.