February 1, 2023

Your Future Self

Before you make decisions and act out of impulse, think about your future self. Ask:

  • Will my future self be proud about this or ashamed?
  • Will my future self feel fulfillment or regret?

If you drink way past your limits tonight, imagine how you'll be the next morning. Suffering a painful hangover? Canceled plans? Unable to do anything else other than stay in bed? Ruined routines? Overthinking what might have happened the night before, because you completely blanked out?

If you lash out, throw hurtful words at people you love, how will you feel after? If you let your anger dictate your behavior and rule you, is that something to be proud of? To be happy about?

If you decide to go back to sleep after turning off your alarm in the morning, will your future self thank you or resent you?

It helps you see the bigger picture, letting you know of the consequences before they happen.