May 26, 2023

You're Not Stuck

More than a month ago, I felt stuck. I felt like I wasn't progressing in my life. In crafting the life I want. I have so many dreams, but I didn't feel any closer to them. I didn't think I was getting better at anything.

Then I realized: I was in a hurry. It isn't time yet. And instead of the unhealthy pressure, I can enjoy this stage of my life—exploring, learning, honing.

If you're feeling stuck, here's a letter for you:

You don't have to know your purpose right now. You don't need to have that one thing you're known for. The one thing that you can bring to the world.

The 20s is the period for exploration. Maybe even the 30s (I'm not there yet). This is the time to try many different things. To widen our knowledge and skillset. To dive deep into our interests. To learn.

Don't hurry. You're okay. You're doing fine.

Keep stepping out of your comfort zone. Look for challenge. Look for uncertainty. Look for learning opportunities—in your career and in your personal journey.

And remember: what you see on social media isn't the whole picture. So don't let others' seemingly perfect lives rattle you. That's rarely the case.

Focus on your growth and do honest work. You'll get to where you want to be.