April 26, 2023

Control in What You Attract

What are you attracting?

If you're attracting more things you don't like than things you do like, then there must be something you can improve in yourself to get better chances.

Look at how you carry yourself. Do you command the respect that you seek? Are you confident, comfortable, and composed, or do you slouch and avoid eye contact? Are you capable of saying no and disagreeing with other people's opinions?

While it might seem like you don't have control over the external events that come into your life, you do actually have a certain amount of influence. Depending on your behavior, you attract many external events—the kinds of people you meet, whose attention you grab, what opportunities are given to you, how you're treated. You can even invite more good luck into your life.

Before blaming bad luck, look inward where you have absolute control. And let your growth influence the world around you.