January 22, 2023

Luck Always Plays a Part

Luck is always part of the equation. Whether it's about relationships, business, investments. Luck always plays a part.

But our actions and decisions determine what happens next, when luck has played its role.

It's up to us to prepare, to be ready for when good or bad luck comes our way.

When opportunities open, are we ready to seize them? Do we have the capability to take advantage of them? If an amazing deal comes your way right now, say a beautiful house at below market price in a huge farmland like you've been dreaming of, can you buy it right away? Or do you have to let it pass?

When another disaster comes, like the pandemic, will you be okay? Can your business remain standing? Can you afford to lose your job?

We should always prepare for what luck throws at us, whether good or bad. It could be the opportunity we've been waiting for (and we should be ready to pounce when it opens up) or it could be an unfortunate event (and we should be ready to fight it).

We can't control what life throws at us because a huge part of it is luck, but we can control how we respond. How we prepare. And how we can invite more good luck into our lives.