December 31, 2022

The One Thing I'm Most Thankful For

I'm grateful for many things but most of all, I'm thankful for the relationships I have.

For having a husband who is a source of strength and inspiration;

  • Who helps me become a better version of myself every year, every month, every day;
  • Who I can have meaningful conversations with for hours, and who also fills my days with jokes and precious, silly moments;
  • Who takes care of me—I know there won't be a day I'll be left vulnerable.

For having a sister who I know will come to my rescues when I need it;

  • Who always calls to have a chat and ask how everyone is;
  • Who is even more generous with other people;
  • Who has one of the biggest hearts.

For having parents who are ever so supportive, even when they don't agree with my actions and decisions;

  • Who are the sweetest hosts when my husband and I come visit;
  • Who would give me so, so much, even when it means losing from their own;
  • Who shared with me wisdom and taught me love in different ways.

For having a big, extended family who regularly comes together to catch up;

  • Who is always a delight to be with—hours spent laughing.
  • Who expresses love through quality time and amazing food;
  • Who is a call away if I ever need any help;

For friends who I absolutely enjoy spending time with—raw, real conversations and comfortable, quiet time together.

  • Who also inspire me to do better;
  • Who I can count on when times get tough, when I need comfort, when I need a strong support system to pull me through;
  • Who bring joy and add color to my life.

I've been lucky to meet good people—from childhood until today. Not many people get to enjoy that.

And I want to always remember that so that I don't take any relationship for granted. So that I may treasure every moment and make sure I give the relationship the time and energy it needs to remain strong and healthy.

I'm closing 2022 with gratitude. For many things, but most of all, for a lovely family and amazing friends.