December 17, 2022strength

Turning Danger into Refuge

I've talked about how I'm training myself to become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. It's for my future self, so that I can handle uncomfortable situations with ease and grace—small discomforts and big challenges.

It's so that I can remain calm when crisis hits. I want to be able to keep a sharp mind and become resilient—emotionally, mentally, physically.

Aligned with this practice, I read something inspiring the other day from the book, The Attributes, written by Rich Diviney.

He talked about the special-operations units of the armed forces. Here's an excerpt about the Navy SEALs:

“Growing up near the ocean in New England, I had been a water rat since birth. But while the ocean is certainly fun to sit beside and play around in, it’s also incredibly hostile to humans. The lack of oxygen, extreme temperatures, and bone-crushing pressures all explain why human beings are land dwellers. But SEALs made this environment their safe place. A mantra for them was that the enemy will never be brave enough or stupid enough to follow you into the water. When in doubt, go there. I loved that idea, the audacity of making a hostile place your refuge.”

- Rick Diviney, The Attributes

I won't be as strong and tough and self-sufficient as the Navy SEALs, but it's a source of inspiration. It's the kind of thing I'd hang on my wall as reminder. To be tough. To be resilient. To take control.

It makes me think: What are uncomfortable (or dangerous) situations that I can train myself to handle? What weaknesses can I turn to strengths?