February 28, 2023

Don't be Heard Complaining

It only shows weakness.

Even when you find yourself in unfortunate circumstances that you have no control over, remember that you still have choices. When you're dealt a bad hand, turn it around. The results don't depend on fate alone—your choices play a role. Your strategy, your decisions, your actions. Are you going to whine and show everyone else your defeat?

Many crisis situations can be opportunities. To build toughness and resilience. To be an example of equanimity and quiet strength. To develop capability and confidence. To prove yourself. To emerge victorious.

Don't be the whiny adult who doesn't know how to handle challenges because they grew up spoiled. Choose to be the person who conquers adversities, all the while remaining calm and collected.

If you're not used to obstacles, train yourself to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

“Don’t be overheard complaining…Not even to yourself.”  
— Marcus Aurelius